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Many people in the United States don’t meet daily nutritional needs with food alone. At The Medical Dock in Huntington Beach, California, Ali Ahmad, MD, and the experienced medical team help you choose dietary supplements to enhance wellness and experience anti-aging effects so you can look and feel your best. Call The Medical Dock to learn more or book an appointment online today.

Supplements Q & A

What are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements enhance your diet to increase overall health and wellness, decrease signs of aging, and lower chronic disease risks. Benefits of taking supplements include:

  • Nutrient deficiency prevention
  • Increases in energy
  • Better hormone balance
  • Healthy weight management
  • Stress reduction
  • More effective detoxification
  • A stronger immune system

Dr. Ahmad and the team at The Medical Dock help you choose quality supplements that best match your needs based on your age, gender, and health.


What are the different types of supplements?

Numerous dietary supplements can improve the way you feel and your overall quality of life. Examples include:

Energy boosters

Dr. Ahmad may recommend energy-boosting supplements if you suffer from fatigue or have a nutrient deficiency. These supplements are usually rich in vitamins, minerals, herbs, or caffeine to give you the boost of energy necessary to get through busy days.

Weight loss supplements

Some supplements are specifically designed to enhance weight loss by reducing your appetite or boosting metabolism. For example, fiber supplements increase a feeling of fullness and aid in weight and fat loss.

Multivitamin supplements

You might not be getting all of the daily essential nutrients from food alone. Taking a quality multivitamin supplement helps prevent nutritional deficiencies and symptoms associated with them, such as fatigue, dry skin, and hair loss.

Brain health supplements

Your mental health is just as important as a healthy body, as dementia and mood-related disorders are common among adults in the United States. Dr. Ahmad lets you know which brain-boosting supplements best match your needs. Examples include omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics.

Anti-aging supplements

Supplements rich in antioxidants and other anti-aging nutrients can improve unhealthy-looking hair, skin, and nails and reduce your risk of certain diseases – such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer.

Supplements for hormone balance

Unbalanced hormones can occur because of genetics, increased age, or nutrient deficiencies. Dr. Ahmad lets you know which dietary supplements help improve hormone levels that are too low or too high.

Which dietary supplements are right for me?

Not all dietary supplements are created equal. At The Medical Dock, Dr. Ahmad recommends the highest quality supplements that match your needs after reviewing your health and medical history and completing a health assessment. Following his recommendations can prevent or improve chronic diseases and enhance anti-aging to help you look and feel years younger.

Call The Medical Dock for a supplements consultation today or book an appointment online.