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It’s not always possible, or safe, to go to the doctor’s office. To better meet your routine and urgent care needs, expert family medicine practitioner, Ali Ahmad, MD, at The Medical Dock offers telemedicine services so you can get the essential medical attention you need without an office visit. Instead, you meet with Dr. Ahmad using secure electronic communication. To learn more about telemedicine, call the office in Huntington Beach, California, or request an appointment online today.

Telemedicine Q & A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a form of health care conducted remotely. Instead of an in-office visit, you meet with Dr. Ahmad using advanced audio and video communication on your computer or smartphone from a location that’s convenient to you, which may be your home or office. 

Due to growing concerns regarding health and safety, you may not feel comfortable visiting The Medical Dock office. Dr. Ahmad understands your concerns but doesn’t want you to avoid getting the medical attention and care you need. That’s why he offers HIPAA-compliant telemedicine appointments for routine follow-up visits and urgent medical matters.

Am I a good candidate for telemedicine?

Dr. Ahmad determines if you’re a good candidate for telemedicine when you contact the office to inquire about the service. He may recommend telemedicine for:

  • Routine follow-up care for your chronic health condition
  • Preventive health screenings 
  • Evaluation and treatment of an unexpected illness
  • Mental health counseling, such as for anxiety or depression

Most health insurance plans cover telemedicine visits. The Medical Dock accepts Medicare, PPO, and HMO plans. The family medicine practice also charges standard fees for telemedicine services, which may include copays and out-of-pocket costs.

What happens during a telemedicine appointment?

The details of your telemedicine appointment depend on your specific health needs and concerns. However, you can expect the same comprehensive and compassionate care you get at an in-office visit at The Medical Dock. 

During your telemedicine appointment, Dr. Ahmad asks detailed questions about your health concerns and symptoms. He also reviews your medication and supplement use and medical history. You may also need to provide diagnostic data specific to your medical history or urgent medical matter, such as readings from your glucometer (blood sugar monitoring device) or at-home blood pressure machine, current weight, or at-home temperature reading. 

Based on the information gathered during your remote office appointment, Dr. Ahmad develops a personalized treatment plan that may include:

  • Treatment to address your urgent medical need
  • Adding, changing, or renewing your prescription medication
  • Referral to specialists or other health agencies 
  • Lab testing or diagnostic imaging

Dr. Ahmad may also talk to you about your symptoms and offer suggestions on how to monitor and manage your health at home, as well as when you should contact the office for follow-up care.

To explore telemedicine and all it can offer you, call The Medical Dock, or book your appointment online today.